Minority sports

Minority sports

In the last two months, betting on football, tennis or basketball has given way to much less common sporting events that definitely do not top the list of sports with the highest television audience. We are referring, for example, to betting on darts, snooker, table tennis or ping pong or betting on chess tournaments.

Minority sports… relatively


First of all, we must qualify the headline of this article because what in countries like may be considered a relatively minor sport (cricket or snooker, for example) are in fact very popular sports practices and also with a large following in other parts of the world. So for our betting predictions we should always keep in mind that it is feasible to find up-to-date information on almost any event and sport; even if sometimes we have to turn to sources that are in other languages.

So, if you ever feel like betting on cricket, just know that a World Cup Final in 2011 reached 1 billion viewers, making it a massive worldwide broadcast only comparable to major World Cup finals or the Super Bowl.

The same is true of activities closely related to the world of betting, such as horse racing or the indoor “parlour” sports that are so popular in the UK, such as snooker, darts or bowls.

And perhaps in another group of what we could mistakenly call here “minority” sports would be ice hockey, which although does not even have a professional league, in the United States, with the NHL, is one of the four major leagues in the country, along with MLB baseball, NBA basketball and NFL football.

Which sports are we talking about?


So we hope it is clear that from now on, we are going to talk about these sports and to avoid misunderstandings, we will no longer call them minority sports, but less common in the available markets of our bookmaker, although they will also have in common that they are hardly present in the television broadcasts that we can find in our country.

In terms of sports betting, and therefore the tips we are going to give you in the following section, the sports we are going to refer to are the following:

  • Winter Sports
  • Chess
  • Wrestling / WWE
  • Darts
  • Table Tennis
  • Billiards
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Netball
  • Ice Hockey

Of course, the first and most important tip we can give you is to only bet on sports you know. So if you don’t know that snooker is a type of snooker very well known in the UK, that Netball is also called in “Balón Red” or you didn’t know that you can find bets on wrestling events like Wrestlemania, better wait to bet your money on any other sport.

Betting Guide

Any punter will have seen for themselves how their knowledge of a major sport such as football is of little use when betting on friendly football matches. The fact is that the starting line-up of unusual players or the intensity of these matches leads to more surprising results than usual.

The same is true of the minority sports; although betting on darts competitions, for example, bears some similarities to tennis betting in that it has very marked intervals (the rounds in darts could be the equivalent of sets in teins), we have already seen in that article some tips on how to deal with the particularities of this sport.

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